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19 September 2006 @ 07:39 pm
Ahoy there, mateys!

Today be a great day in our calendar. You can't have failed t' notice t' adjustments t' wonderful crew at LiveJournal have made in accordance with this finest o' holidays.

It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

We here aboard t' Rum And Raisin have more reason t' celebrate than most. In honour o' t' day, I think it would be an opportune time t' recruit more crew members, so I want you all t' pimp t' ship somewhere on LJ today.

T' help you with your quest, here's an English-to-Pirate translator t' give your request that extra piratical kick. It be a fine translator- I be usin' it for this post, arrr.

There's a little bit o' Pirate in us all. Let's use today t' brin' it out!

All hands on deck, ye scurvy knaves,
Quartermaster Rosie Stockings
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A POLL! (No spoilers)

Poll #765238 Pirates

Who's your favourite main character?

Jack Sparrow
Will Turner
Elizabeth Swann
Commodore Norrington
Captain Barbossa
Davey Jones

Who is your ship(py yay)?

Which ship?

The Black Pearl
The Interceptor
The Dauntless
The Flying Dutchman

I... totally haven't seen it twice and preparing to see it again this afternoon. Totally.

Jane (Captain)
20 May 2006 @ 11:56 am
Following my extended squee over it this week, I was shocked and dismayed to find out that a lot of people have never heard of Labyrinth. It is with this in mind that I've compiled this post. I defy anybody (who likes men) not to fall in love with David Bowie in this film.

Click Official Trailer

Click Jareth/Sarah fanvid. (Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls)

Click Jareth/Sarah. (The Sacrament by HIM)


So be educated. Watch the glory that is.

If you're on my FList you've already seen this. I wanted to extend the squee ;D

-Jane (Captain Blue Jeans Jane)
07 May 2006 @ 03:58 pm
This wouldn't be much of a fantasy pirate ship if we couldn't go to all those places we've always wanted so here's a poll to say where you want to go and why. It'll help us get to know each other a bit better as well :)

Poll #724195 Sail the seven seas

Where in the world would you most like to go? You can say more than one

Why there?

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02 May 2006 @ 07:07 pm
POTC Trailer 1 The unoffical release with the Japanese dude. Please do NOT share this link to show it to people. Upload it yourself to YSI.

POTC Trailer 2 The offical release. w00t!

Squee with me people. Tell me that I'm not alone in my obsessive Jack loving.
26 April 2015 @ 07:09 pm
Now, don't be put off by the big subject line!

After discussing this with decor_noctis, we decided that any prospective members wishing to join the community should reply to this post... answering the following :)

And when you're done, please go to this post and choose a job!



For those of you who aren't familiar with me and my interests, this post may enlighten you a tad. I thought that since this is a community for fangirling, I should start it off with an introduction of sorts.

I am, as you are may be aware, a 17 year old English girl, eagerly anticipating going to Newcastle University in September.


I like a variety of music to be perfectly honest. There is some which I simply cannot stand... like rap (it's not music!), but I am perfectly at home listening to anything from The Foo Fighters, Dirty Pretty Things and The Decemberists, to Zbigniew Preisner and Harry Gregson-Williams. From that last sentence you can discern that my favourite genres are alternative/indie and film soundtracks.

If I'm not expected to listen to anything screamy or rappy, then I'm perfectly happy.


I'm not as big a film fanatic as my Mum, but I am into the old cinema. My favourites range from the biggies, such as Lord of The Rings (my baby) and Star Wars... right down the spectrum towards Shadowlands and The Motorcycle Diaries. I am a subscriber to "Empire," enabling me to read up on new film releases and get loads of free goodies ;)

For books are more than books, they are the life
The very heart and core of ages past,
The reason why men lived and worked and died,
The essence and quintessence of their lives.

Amy Lowell

Don't get me started on books! I'm a literature obsessive and can ramble on for any number of hours if I'm allowed to. I ♥ the "classics" in English Literature, but I'm not averse to modern fiction (in fact, I'm reading a very good book at the moment called "The Historian," which I recommend). As well as these, I am a great fan of Georgette Heyer. It was through her works that I became so enamoured of Regency and Georgian England.

I'm also immensely interested in Romanian, Hungarian and Bulgarian folklore, which people on my FList may not know. (I don't normally advertise the fact). I would have loved to have done history with lit. in University, so that I could research the history and manuscripts of Central Europe fully. Alas, there's no way that I was going to do A Level with the crap syllabus.


I don't watch a tremendous amount of T.V. actually. I usually download it of t'internet or watch films. However, I do like The Mighty Boosh, Lost and Firefly. I have lately come to love Doctor Who as well. This is not because of David Tennant... really. >.><.<

So that's a quick overview of my interests... which may give you a quick overview of the girl behind the madness.


24 April 2006 @ 02:38 pm
In response to decor_noctis latest post, I have decided to create a list of official ship playthings.

By playthings, I mean sex slaves.

Avast and all that jazzCollapse )

If you want to submit a plaything (man/woman/anything in between) please do so to Jenni's post or this one. Include a picture, and I and Rosie shall assess the candidate. Please limit requests to two per person.

24 April 2006 @ 12:32 pm
Alright, listen up, Skylarking Ginger has been relieved of her Devil Dodging duties in order to concentrate on the Chocolate Shop, allowing us get chocolate 7 days a week. HUZZAH!

Her position will be filled by kickstartmyhpx3.

Anyone yet to pick a job, go find the poll and fill it out.

In other news, in the first of what we hope to many recruitments, the Captain has brought Rufus the Rugged on board the ship to be our plaything.

Any suggestions for other playthings should be made to this post and the Cap'n and I will endeavour to see you get your wishes.


Rosie Stockings x
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20 April 2006 @ 07:26 pm
Alright, maties.

As Quartermaster, it's my job to designate your duties, so going on the poll the Cap'n posted, here be yer jobs:

*spiffychocolate will be the Chocolate Shop Sales Person and our temporary Devil Dodger on Sundays when the shop's closed. Her pirate name is Skylarking Ginger.

*sparkly_faerie will be our First Mate.

*smiley_crazey is our sawbones after chickening out of powder monkey duties. His name on board this ship will be Dameral the Parrotless.

*truffle1shuffle is our Coxswain. Her name is McWench.

*macysdayparade wants to be our eunuch but isn't an official crew memeber as yet but we'll reserve the post for you :D

Any crew members who haven't picked a job can still choose here or leave comment to this post. And think of a pirate name :D

Rosie Stockings x
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