The Rum And Raisin

Will ye walk the plank or join the crew?

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Firstly, a note from the Captain
If you want to be permitted to our pirate ship, please join the community first. I don't want any stowaways on therumandraisin. So be open! Post an introduction if it pleases you. Just don't mope around and not get involved. Thankies.

Please go to this post and answer the 3 short questions, so that Jim and I will know who's going to join the crew.

Similarly, a pirate's life is famously depicted to be one of debauchery. If you want to bring a playmate or two aboard, please go to this post, link me to a picture and you can have all the fun you want.

And now the Quartermaster

Avast there, ye landlubbers! This be The Rum and Raisin, finest pirate ship to sail the seven seas. Her captain is the_undeadbride and I be your Jim. I also go by the name o' decor_noctis. Our rival ship is The Beer and Vindaloo, ship o' scals and those who are unappreciative o' culture and fandom. Those who be laughin' when we be a-squeein'.

A ship is not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails- that's what a ship needs, but what a ship is, what The Rum and Raisin really is, is freedom.

Freedom to fangirl. Freedom to geek out. Freedom to be who you truly arrr.

Feel free to post pictures of yerself dressed as pirate, post entries in pirate slang (you can go here for help), post fics you've written, shanties you've heard, discuss books you've read, regale your crew mates with frightful anecdotes and drunken mishaps, anything you want so long as it's respectful to your crew mates. That means no flaming, no drama and LJ-cuts used on long or photo entries. Honour amongst thieves. Or you'll be made to walk the plank.

The Crew

the_undeadbride Captain: Jane Bluejeans
decor_noctis/rosie_stockings Quartermaster: Jim Stockings
sparkly_faerie First Mate: Thalia the Wild-Haired Wench
spiffychocolate Chocolate Shop Salesperson: Skylarking Ginger
truffle1shuffle Coxswain: McWench
smiley_crazy Sawbones: Dameral the Parrotless
kickstartmyhpx3 Devil Dodger
6whitelighter9 Cooper/Musician
purplebunnie Crow's Nest: Bunny Bonney
minty_the_frog Ship's Cook

Remember to choose a job!

Your mascots... all the way from Jane's bedroom

therumandraisin. Because, deep down, everyone wants to be a pirate.